More than ‘just a job’ 

A career in hospitality is more than ‘just a job,’ it is about finding your purpose and following your passion, unleashing your creativity in an industry that is always innovating and changing.

Find your place amongst a tribe of like-minded but diverse individuals. Put a smile on faces, bring joy by delivering unique experiences and belong to a close-knit community. You’ll learn and perfect many transferable skills working in pubs and hotels while being part of an important and growing contributor to the Australian economy. 

We’ve also got you covered if a casual or part time position is more ‘your thing’, right now. You may even love what you’re doing and decide to stay!

Find your place!

The hotel industry is an open and inclusive place, where diversity and individuality are celebrated.  Bringing people together and enjoying life is what we do and what you can be part of.  Our workplaces are dynamic and we love to have fun, but we are serious about inclusion, wellbeing and safety. 

Photo courtesy of Visit Victoria; Photographer: Ain Raadik
Photo courtesy of Visit Victoria; Photographer: Derek Salwell

Follow your own path!

A career path in hotels and pubs is as diverse as the people and places that make up our industry.  One thing is for sure, you will easily find opportunities, follow your own path and pursue your own purpose. Don’t take our word for it, hear directly from some of our industry’s finest.

Grow with us!

The hotel and pub industry is growing rapidly, so now is a great time for you to come and be a part of the ‘experience economy!‘ We are always innovating to create exceptional experiences for our customers. We invest in our people to ensure we consistently deliver those experiences.

Photo courtesy of Visit Victoria; Photographer: Mark Chew

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Interested in a career in hotels and pubs? 
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Photo courtesy of Visit Victoria; Photographer: Ain Raadik