Follow your passion

Are you passionate about wine and how it’s made? A craft beer nerd, who can name 25 different hop varieties? Perhaps you like to experiment with new flavours when creating and cooking interesting dishes? Maybe you are a natural leader who enjoys working with a team of people and helping them to achieve amazing results? Are you a ‘people person’ and just love making a difference to someone’s day. Or, is dealing with numbers and finding trends in data more your thing?

Whatever stimulates your interest, in hotels and pubs there are a wealth of opportunities for you to work hard, follow your passion and make great things happen!

Career journey

In this ‘digital age,’ we all know that online reviews enable us to ‘try before we buy.’

We’re able to ‘trial’ a product or service via hearing someone else’s experience with it first!

Wouldn’t it be great to have that same ‘luxury’ when choosing a career, or planning your next career move?

Good news! We’ve compiled a selection of videos from hotel employees, who share their career journey, so far.

Photo courtesy of Visit Victoria/ Melbourne Convention Bureau; Photography by Chris Magee Photography


Venue General Manager

Hear how a family connection and love of the fast paced nature of a commercial kitchen led Curtis overseas and sparked his desire to one day operate his own hospitality venue.


Chief Operating Officer

Jackie may never have thought that needing a hospitality job to ‘pay the rent’ early in her working life would lead to a 27 year (and counting!) career in hotels and pubs, and her developing an absolute passion for staff training and development.  


Assistant Financial Controller

A finance guru who loves to engage with guests, Oscar’s worked in some of the world’s finest hotels, with the biggest ‘names in the game!’


Head Doorman

Andrew’s ability to ‘think on his feet’ as a stage performer now serves him well as he coordinates activities in a busy hotel driveway.


Hotel Concierge

In his role as a Hotel Concierge, George loves the fact he’s an ambassador for his hotel, his city and all it has to offer guests!

Photo courtesy of Visit Victoria; Photographer: Ain Raadik

Let's talk about the perks

Forget your career as an Insta influencer, a future career in hotels and pubs offers just as many perks, and the added bonus of making a real difference through creating memorable experiences for people.

Here are our top six perks of the job

(there are too many, we had to narrow the list down, but you get the idea!)

Bust out the old camper trailer from your childhood camping trips and take a working holiday around Australia, you will find work in some of the most stunning places on earth. These remote pubs and hotels will welcome hard working, experienced people with open arms.

Perhaps a stint at a European ski resort is more your style, a summer in Ibiza, or sailing the Mediterranean on a super yacht as a personal chef? What about the opportunity to transfer within the network of properties that your employer, a global hotel brand, operates across the world?

This is all possible! The opportunities really are endless!

If you have ever scrolled through an Influencer’s feed and envied photos of them attending amazing events, imagine being part of the creative planning process and bringing those events to life. Better still, running the event and being the person in charge of the guest list!

Imagine riding the elevator up to the penthouse floor with your sporting idol. He is casually chatting with you, asking about the best places to dine in your city. You are not at all nervous because you have trained for this for years. In fact, you’ve served a hundred other ‘celebrities’ during your career in hotels. A career in hotels and pubs means you will meet people from all walks of life, and you will have some amazing stories to tell your grandkids!

Like to catch the early morning surf, or a mid-morning pilates session? Do you have a side hustle, or kids in need of a school drop off or care a few days a week?

With a career in hospitality, none of this is a problem. Finding a job that fits around your lifestyle is easier than you think. As a 24-hour, 7 day a week industry, you will be surprised how hotels and pubs can offer great flexibility when it comes to working hours.

If you are lucky enough to work for one of the multi-national hotel chains, you will enjoy the benefit of being able to stay at the most beautiful resorts and hotels, located in some of the greatest cities in the world, at a fraction of what it would normally cost. Most hotel chains offer substantial discounts and benefits to their staff worldwide, with a range of ‘friends and family’ benefits too!

You might be employed in one area of a pub or hotel, however there are usually multiple opportunities to work in other departments across the venue. Employed as a food and beverage attendant in the bistro, you could also find yourself working in functions, in the hotel kitchen or other areas of interest to you. Show your initiative and you will find opportunities will present themselves across the hotel operation.

Celebrating excellence

When working in hotels and pubs, your efforts will be central to your venue being able to create and deliver memorable experiences for customers.

Hotel and pub operators go to great lengths to recognise and reward this effort and appreciate the more valued you feel at work, the more passionate and committed you will be when delivering those great experiences.

Hotel and pub employee recognition programs enable career progression and the opportunity to celebrate individual and team achievements.

We know a thing or two about planning and delivering great events. No surprise then, that we regularly take the opportunity to get together and  celebrate excellence, and recognise industry leaders, movers and shakers.

Industry awards nights are eagerly awaited and well attended by hotel and pub operators, representing the diverse range, size and locations of hospitality venues that make up our industry.