Wealth of opportunities

Hotels and pubs vary in size and structure. Hotels can be run by small, independent operators or owned by large multi-national accommodation hotel brands.

Pubs range from the family owned corner pub, sprawling suburban hotels, to big national pub groups that operate a diverse range of venues across Australia.  There are endless opportunities to find the right role in the kind of workplace that suits you.

The most exciting thing about choosing a career working in hotels and pubs is that no two days are ever the same. No matter the role, your days will be exciting and varied.

Photo courtesy of Visit Victoria; Photographer: Josie Withers
Photo courtesy of Destination Melbourne/Visit Victoria; Photographer: Ben King

Starting with entry level roles and progressing right through to management, you will learn a huge suite of skills and knowledge throughout your career journey.  Much of this learning happens ‘on the job,’ through internal training programs and many companies offer traineeships and apprenticeships where you work and gain a formal qualification at the same time.

So, what does a career path in hotels and pubs look like? As the industry is so varied there is not just one clear defined path, which makes it all the more exciting! To progress through the ranks and perhaps one day become a hotel or pub general manager you would likely need to spend time working in every department to understand exactly how the whole operation ticks.  Alternatively, you might be more interested in becoming a specialist and focus your career goals in particular departments. 

Whether you have previous transferable experience or are keen to secure an entry level position, our industry is renowned for rewarding hard-work and talent. People who possess the right attitude and a love of learning often progress quickly through the ranks.

Hotel and pub departments

Secure that role

To help you ‘stand out from the herd’ when applying and interviewing for that perfect role, we asked respected hotel industry professionals for some advice. Follow these tips on preparing the perfect pitch, what traps to avoid, and how to secure that role!

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School leavers

Do I work or do I study?

Everyone is different so don’t make this decision based on what your friends are doing. For many people, tertiary study is the next step and for others, getting into the workforce is a priority. Whatever your decision, the hospitality industry is there for you.

Photo courtesy of Visit Victoria; Photographer: Josie Withers

Returning to work

The beauty of working in the hospitality industry is that if you have been away from work for an extended period, the industry can easily accommodate your return to work.

Transitioning to a new career

Career transition

So you’ve never worked in the hospitality industry before but you’ve got working experience behind you?

That’s great!

Photo courtesy of Visit Victoria; Photographer: Jesse Hisco

Tips for parents

A hotel career could make sense for your young adult!

Your child might be one of the few who has known for years where their future career lies – if it is in the hospitality industry, then that’s fantastic